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Most of the two story homes built in Florida have wood frame second floors.  Most contractors cover the wood studs with Oriental Strand Board (OSB).  OSB is a manufactured wood.  It is preferred over plywood because it does not delaminate when exposed to moisture for short durations like plywood.  OSB and plywood do warp when the outside is exposed to more moisture and sun then the inside.

Thisis a photograph from DuPont’s website. Tyvek is one of the many brands of plastic house wrap. Although plastic house wrap is not required by code (Felt can be used instead.), most builders and contractors in Florida use plastic house wrap. The wrap has reduced  water intrusions in the second floors of homes in Florida. The wrap, in combination with a weep screed directs moisture to the outside of the home.

In this photograph a layer of Type D Paper and a layer of expanded metal lath have been installed over the plastic house wrap. The Type D Paper is a modern version of tar paper and acts as a second moisture barrier. The plastic house wrap is the first layer. The expanded metal lath comes in rectangular pieces and is nailed or stapled into the OSB. In northern areas chicken wire is used instead of the expanded metal lath. Expanded metal lath is stamped from solid sheet metal.

This is a close up. The green is a plastic house wrap. The vertical component is an expansion joint used to reduce cracking. The horizontal component is a weep screed expansion joint that allows moisture to weep out of the wall.

How is My Second Floor Built in Florida?