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Almost all stucco failures and problems are caused by either moisture, a defect or moisture and a defect. The paint and sealant (caulking) on a home is the only protection your home has against damage from excess moisture entering the exterior cladding and/or home.

Most of Florida has a wet, hot climate. The sunlight in southern latitudes is more direct than Northern latitudes. Sunlight ages the paint and sealant much more quickly than walls that do not receive direct sunlight. Sunlight also causes the stucco to move/crack more due to temperature changes.

It is a good idea to check any large stucco areas that are unshaded on the west and south faces of the home. These faces receive the most sunlight. When the stucco cracking becomes more than one can maintain, you might consider repainting. If you wait too long, the cost of painting will increase and there could be damage to the stucco. Painting has to include sealing joints where stucco meets other materials like window frames.

Most stucco failures are caused when moisture causes the expanded metal lath to rust. The rusted lath expands and pushes the stucco and fasteners out. This can cause more cracking and more damage. If you maintain (seal) the stucco cracks and paint the home when needed, your stucco should last the life of the home.

 An inspection is needed to identify the exact cause of the stucco problem or failure.

An inspection of the home before there is damage to the stucco can identify areas that need attention to prevent damage. 

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