Stucco on Concrete Block Frequently Asked Questions


Stucco on concrete block is one of the simplest exterior systems.

Is stucco a structural part of my home?  No, Stucco is a decretive finish.  I have built many homes without the use of stucco.

Is stucco waterproof?  No, stucco absorbs water.

The stucco on my home does not go all the way to the ground.  That may be a problem. If your home had a termite treatment under the slab, the stucco should be left above the earth so one could find the tunnels the termites build along the foundation when entering the home.

Why do almost all the homes built if Florida have stucco? Home owners like the appearance and low maintenance of a stucco finish.  I have used just about every material on the exterior of homes. Wood rots and the different cementitious sidings have all had trouble. Vinyl and steel siding experience damage in wind storms.  With proper installation and care, stucco will last the life time of the home.

My stucco is cracked, I must have thin stucco. Minor Cracking is normal. Wide and or numerous cracks may indicate other problems.

What are micro cracks? Cementitious materials are mixed with water so they can be placed. After the cementitious materials are placed the water that is not used in the chemical reaction evaporates. As the water evaporates the cementitious material shrinks in size. This causes plastic shrinkage cracking. When stucco is placed on concrete block it bonds to the block. As the water evaporates the stucco wants to shrink but is held back by the concrete block so the stucco cracking is limited to thousands of cracks too narrow to see with the naked eye.

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