This  is visible horizontal stucco cracking. 

This type of cracking can lead to damage. 

.  Mr. Herman has been a stucco contractor and has built and serviced over 15,000 stucco homes. He performed his first water intrusion inspection in 1984

This photograph from our Thermal Imaging Camera showing moisture in the below wall.

Below is a Phantom III Professional Drone with high resolution camera

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We provide stucco inspections in Tampa, Orlando Lakeland and Florida.  The purpose of the stucco inspections is to provide stucco research in Tampa  on stucco damage and make a determination of the cause of the damage.  If possible we may be able to identify the party responsible for the stucco damage.  We have a large data base of stucco problems and damage.  Adding new information from new stucco inspections to this data base is part of our research on stucco failures and problems.

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